Architectural drawing of future 2 storey residential project, located in Iberville Qc.

Page taken from Architectural shop drawings for the Mongolian Motion Piction M3, Ulan Batar Mongolia, project executed for Zedaxiz ZM3

Architectural drawing of 2 story building, addition of appartment at back portion, located at

12254 Lachapelle Montreal Qc.

Architectural drawing of school project Inspiration Montessori, in Hudson Qc.


Project drawing gallery

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Architectural drawing of Restaurant À Mamie, Mascouche Québec

Architectural drawings of 4 story home, located on

rue St. Germain, Hochelaga Montreal Qc.

Architectural drawing of Café Ciaciarro located at 52 rue St Viateur, Mille End, Montreal Qc.

Architectural drawing of Art Gallery Kyprianou located at 5882 Avenue du Parc, Montreal Qc.

Architectural drawing of terraces for both Théâtre Corona and Café Limon, located on 2490 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC .

Architectural sketch of proposed kitchen renovation, sketched freehand in front of client and their kids. Architectural drawings prepared thereafter.

Architectural sketchs of proposed Sport Facility project slated for Laval Qc..

Architectural drawing of project Habitation de Montigny, located in St Jérôme Qc.