Our History

It was fate that Louis Farly Architect was create in 2005. Graduating in architecture from the well-established McGill University in 1987, my work ethic never stop evolving through the 18 years at AEdifica, where I held the positions of associate partner as well as Director of Information Technology. My expertise in commercial projects and types of services offered to clients, emphasizing on a professional, knowledgeable & friendly approach, as well as perfecting my professional experience at every possible moment. With the onset of September 2005, time was to move on and live the dream of creating my own firm, Louis Farly Architect firm was born. From that day, offering professional services tailored to client’s needs and expectations. My 25 years in a variety of types of project quickly identified the philosophies that would define my new firm, Louis Farly Architect or LFA:

  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client
  • Never forget why you're designing in the first place
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark

"a doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his client to plant vines."

                                                                                        -- Frank Lloyd Wright

Our personalized and original designs can be found in projects around the world.

When we design, we take our design cue from listening to the clients needs. the highest compliment we can receive is having our projects, whether private residence, commercial store  or hotel, be in harmony with its surroundings and meeting the clients expectations..


professional expertise

Commercial, restaurant, retail, residential, child daycare, old age home, hotel and theatre projects.

Professional eperience in applications for alcool RACJ and building permits,

Municipal city counsel reviews (ex. C.C.U.) and site supervision as well as project management

This is Louis. All types of project types are a yes we can...

Louis's path to becoming an architect was as direct as they come. When he was 7 years old, he knew in the future that he wanted to be the best architect. The die was cast, and Louis eventually...